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34509 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I needed Life Alert because [my husband] had fallen and I couldn’t get him up. I called [Life Alert] and shortly the fire and rescue came and got him up. They checked him over very well and he was fine. On November, he fell again and same procedure went on. He was not hurt in the fall but had passed out by the time help got here. They did CPR and I.V. and carried him to the hospital.

P.P. Birmingham, AL

Just knowing the reassurance of having Life Alert in my home puts my mind at ease. I fell and all I have to do is press the [Life Alert] button and I have live connections from Life Alert who already have my medical history, as well as my medications. The Life Alert receptionist is professional, courteous, and uses good judgment for your situation. Thank you, Life Alert.

J.M. Toms River, NJ

I was alone and I fell in my kitchen and I couldn’t get up. My doors were locked, so I called my sister who has my key and my brother in-law came and unlocked the door. I also called Life Alert. They answered right away and told me they were sending me help. The ambulance and fire department came and three firemen got me back into my wheelchair. The EMTs checked my blood pressure and heart rate and I was okay. Thank God I didn’t break anything. I was just a little sore for a few days.

D.G. New Bedford, MA

I had diarrhea for one week and chills, fever and felt very, very weak. Life Alert was very kind and very patient with me, assisted me in my hours of needs and handled me with care. [Life Alert] was very polite in speaking to me. I will and would recommend this service of Life Alert to others, who do, and will need this special service.

M.G. Bronx, NY

I was 50 miles away from home, playing in a symphony concert when Life Alert called and told me that my husband had fallen. [EMTs] went to our home and the ambulance took him to our hospital. I was able to get someone to go to him until I could get home.

C.L. Burlington, IA

I had fallen in my house and pushed the [Life Alert] button. Response was great, they were polite, helpful and even had a sense of humor. I did not have to go to the hospital, thankfully. I wouldn’t give up my Life Alert for anything! I am 82 years old.

A.F. Winston Salem, NC

I pressed the [Life Alert] button because I thought I was having a heart attack. Life Alert called the ambulance, both sons and a neighbor. I was instructed to take an aspirin—which I did. After an ambulance came, both sons and neighbor were called to tell them where I was—which hospital. They all came immediately.

H.H. Gaithersburg, MD

Luckily I only slipped and needed assistance in getting up. Life Alert had police officers and EMT personnel at my home immediately. [Life Alert] couldn’t have been a better service. I wasn’t hurt and only needed help to get up. Thank you, Life Alert.

J.H. Miami, FL

Life Alert personnel called for an ambulance. Mom’s blood sugar had dropped to the point where she was delirious. She also had some type of virus. She was not responding to commands. They also called back once the paramedics were here and offered to give them a list of mom’s medications. I recommend [Life Alert] service all the time. Best money I ever spent!

R.G. Combine, TX

I had a severe headache so I summoned Life Alert. They answered me at once. I am so thankful. I had a migraine and Life Alert got me help. I told a friend about how Life Alert helped me. She wants to use Life Alert too. Thanks very much.

E.M. Beaumont, TX

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