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35361 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I fell three times in over a week and hit my head and caused bleeding. I pressed the button and help was there in no time. I am very grateful for Life Alert. The best decision we as a family has made.

J.P., Homer Glen, IL

I fell in my bedroom and pressed the [Life Alert] button that was around my neck. Medics came in under 20 minutes. 2 strong medics put me in my chair with no problem.

E.M., Medina, WA

[Life Alert] help arrived about 5 – 10 minutes in a timely matter.

W.G., Vancouver, WA

My husband fell in the bathroom and I couldn’t lift him. Life Alert responded and local help was great. Thank you. My first experience with Life Alert. I’m 83 and in reasonably good health, but I couldn’t help him.

R.P., Kenai, AK

Came quickly after the call. [Life Alert] called my family members. They did the job so well. They are a very helpful asset.

L.H., West Mifflin, PA

I fainted then fell and gashed my leg. Called Life Alert. They sent an ambulance and a fire truck. They stayed on the line until help came.

R.J., Minneapolis, MN

I fell while walking with my walker, I pushed the Life Alert button. You called my sons and my neighbors who met the emergency personnel at my door and let them in. I suffered a broken arm and am now recuperating.

F.W., Gassaway, WV

My latest contact with Life Alert was April 20, at about 9:30pm. My left leg had been hurting for a few days and no matter what I did, that leg would not stop hurting. It got to the point where I could not walk unless I walked on my tip toe and still it was difficult. I had experienced myself with having a few blood clots with my left leg prior to this time. So I thought it was in my best interest to call Life Alert so they could get an ambulance right away in my apartment. Life Alert had an emergency vehicle to my apartment right away. Fire Dept. came first and then the EMT’s. They right away had me on my way to the emergency room. Life Alert always stays on the line with me until the EMT/Fire Dept. arrives. It’s a very well run service. I’ve had Life Alert for almost 2 years now.

J.D., Las Vegas, NV

It was the night before Easter and about 4am, the Life Alert went off and then she heard, “Get out of the house, you have carbon monoxide in the house.” She and my aunt who was visiting got up and got out. Life Alert called the emergency response team and they came and tested. The carbon monoxide levels were very high. She had a new [store bought] carbon monoxide detector and it failed. Life Alert saved my mom and aunt’s, and their pet’s, lives.

S.M., Saint Marys, WV

The Life Alert dispatcher spoke calmly and asked me what my emergency was after she asked if I had an emergency. She encouraged me with her assurance that she would stay with me on the phone until help arrived. She asked about how I was feeling and when the fireman and EMT’s arrived she advised them of my medication allergies. When she was sure that I was in good hands, she and I said goodbye. I thanked her very much.

A.A., Melrose, MA

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