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39103 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Thank you for this opportunity. I am 83 ½ year old woman, was driving alone at approximately 11:20pm along a very dark stretch of road when my alternator failed and my car lost all power. I was able to coast to the shoulder. I had no cell phone with me so I could not contact anyone. I pressed my Life Alert button and agent 1298 immediately charged in. He phone my daughter who called AAA road services to tow my car. Agent 1298 stayed in contact with me. I told him I was nervous being alone in the darkness and that I was afraid the tow truck could not see me in my black car. Agent 1298 called the police department and two officers where sent and stayed until help arrived. Agent 1298 did not hang up until he personally spoke to an officer. He then called my daughter to let her know that help had arrived. I’m so, so thankful to God and to all who participated in my rescue. Agent 1298 was especially professional and pleasant. He knew exactly what to do and did it. I can never thank him enough. He even called later to make sure I arrived home safely. Thanks Life Alert and agent 1298.

M.C., Noblesville, IN

Burnt some toast in my toaster and the smoke filled my house causing the alarms to go off. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt and Life Alert notified the fire department and they cleared my house of the smoke.

A.H., Burleson, TX

I wasn’t home when my mom fell. She hit her Life Alert button and she told them she fell. They got the EMT’s to the house and they transported her to the ER. In between that time, Life Alert notified me and my brothers.

R.B., Elyria, OH

I fell and could not get up because of my knee replacement. [Life Alert] called the rescue team and my daughter next door, so she could open the door. Rescue team checked me over and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I told them no, just to set me up on my feet and I would be fine. I had simply lost my balance.

P.F., Burlingame, KS

I had tripped and fell without injuries. Due to having both knees replaced and poor strength in my legs, and pain in my knees when I get on them, I wasn’t able to get up without assistance. EMT’s arrived about 3 minutes after I pressed my pendant and had me up on my feet within a minute. Life Alert remained on line the whole time. They even called me back later to make sure I was ok. My emergency contacts were notified too.

M.A., Akron, OH

My lounge chair malfunctioned. It put the foot rest up but it would not put it down, so I could not get out of my chair. Then I tried to get out over the foot rest. The chair just dumped me on the floor. I have never been able to get myself up but this time I was the only one in the house so there was no one to get the key to open the front door. So I tried to get up but my feet kept slipping and then my left hand slid and pulled my thumb way back. Then I remembered that Life Alert told us to get a special box to hide our house key in, so I pushed my pedant and told them I had fallen and was the only one here. I said they would have to get me help and give them the code for the box. Life Alert did that and help was soon on the way.

K. M., Lynn, IN

I was stung by a wasp and wasn’t sure that I was not going to have an allergic reaction. [Life Alert] thought that they should send the EMT’s to be sure. They were very concerned and treated me with respect and stayed with me until they were sure that I would be alright. They checked my pulse and took my heart rate – all ok.

D.G., Alton, IL

I had a bad fall in my bathroom. I was very shook up, the [Life Alert] operator stayed with me and talked to me until help arrived. She was very caring, and thanks to her words, I had calmed down by the time help arrived.

M.M., Port Orchard, WA

I fell from my wheelchair on 7.24.18. I pressed my Life Alert button, EMS and fire department came out, helped me up, and back into my wheelchair. They also asked if I needed to be transported to the hospital for treatment, I said no.

B.U., Kyle, TX

Two times I had extreme pain in my belly and became so weak I couldn’t help myself. Life Alert responded immediately and the emergency fire department arrived within a few minutes to take me to the hospital.

G.H., Murray, UT

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