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42298 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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While walking, my 104 year old mother tripped and fell. We thought all was well until the next day when she was immobile and in tremendous pain. We called Life Alert and they sent the Fire Department and paramedics to evaluate her. Quickly decided she needed to be transported to the hospital. Life Alert was insistent about staying on the line until help arrived.

A.M., Sylmar, CA

My dad, who is 101 years old, fell. He wasn’t hurt but he couldn’t get up. He pressed his Life Alert button and they contacted the EMS and they got into his apartment with the lock box. We are very grateful for Life Alert.

N.S., Brooklyn, NY

I reached up for a clothes hanger. I fell backwards and I fell flat on my back and on my bottom and right leg. I could not get my feet under me. Life Alert got me up in just a few minutes. They checked me over to see if I was alright. I really appreciate them so much.

M.H., Kershaw, SC

Sunday supper night felt dizzy, called Life Alert. The person (a lady) was very nice and talked to me until they [help] came. My heart was beating low, went to ICU and the next day they put in a pacemaker. You people were great! Thank you.

F.W., Neptune City, NJ

My wife was getting out of the walk in tub when she had a seizure. I used the Life Alert button on the tub. We received prompt answer from the operator. He summoned medical help, it arrived within minutes. They talked with the Life Alert operator, who had stayed on the line with me. Then contacted our son and daughter. We found this to be an excellent service.

D.M., Salem, OR

I fell down out on the lawn and could not get up. I did not have my outside GPS but I did have my inside alert button. Life Alert sent help immediately.

S.S., Bassfield, MS

Life Alert is real helpful and always responds quickly, and is there when you need them. And I would recommend anyone to get Life Alert.

D.C., Baltimore, MD

At about 4 am, I was in an extreme low sugar condition (low 30s). I could not move. I pressed the alert button and help arrived in a few minutes. Life Alert saved my life.

M.M., Seminole, FL

After falling in my kitchen, Life Alert arrived quickly and took over. I did not require a trip to the ER, thankfully, and it ended well. I especially liked the fact that the operator stayed on the phone with me until help arrived.

E.F., Chestnut Hill, MA

My brother is blind and has had to use Life Alert numerous times! Each time has been exceptional. Definitely peace of mind for our family.

J.W., Elkhart, IN

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