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42690 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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In the short time we have had Life Alert, words can’t truly [express] the relief to know that I am never alone when I need help. Recently, when I called because I was light headed and dizzy, Life Alert’s staff was on the phone with me in 10 seconds! They were so caring and reassuring and stayed on the phone with me until my daughter arrived. Found out I was just dehydrated.

M.H., Lutherville, MD

We have used Life Alert many times. My husband has Parkinson’s and falls often. All we have to do is push the button on the machine or on my husband’s wrist and help is on the way. They stay on the line until help arrives. I tell everyone about Life Alert, we feel very safe knowing they will send help.

L.S., Portage, MI

Cold night, they came, asked a few polite questions, helped me with my coat and put me on a stretcher and they drove me to the hospital emergency room. Talked very gently to me to keep me quiet and unnerved. Wonderful team. Thanks Life Alert. They have responded several times to me at night. Asked the right questions and checked me out thoroughly.

P.M., Yarmouth Port, MA

I had a very stressful night about 6 weeks ago. I pushed the [Life Alert] pendant and got a rapid response. They called an ambulance and stayed on the line and talked to an EMT. After that they called my neighbor, informed her and then called my children. They were great. I called them after 6 weeks and praised them.

J.M., Massillon, OH

My father woke up in the middle of the night and got confused. He went outside and then fell. He was able to press his Life Alert. Life Alert called his house after several attempts – called me. They also dispatched an ambulance. So thankful that he didn’t have to lie there until morning.

T.C., Anguilla, MS

Courteous and caring staff. – was responsive and dependable. [Life Alert] stays with you until help arrives. Notify next of kin (contact) both upon receiving call for help and after help has arrived. The most professional assistance in time of need. Thank you.

N.S., Delray Beach, FL

The gentleman was trying to speak with [patient] when I arrived. She pushed her button but was unresponsive. He continued to check to see if we needed any other help. He stayed on the line until the EMTs arrived and gave them, her vital info regarding her health, medications, etc. The entire process worked just as it was supposed to. We are very blessed to have [Life Alert]. She has since recovered and is doing well.

P.M., Grapeland, TX

My aunt suspected she was having a heart attack. She pressed her button on her Life Alert wrist band. They immediately dispatched first responders. They then contacted her next of kin to inform me of her emergency. This is a great peace of mind for our family.

B.B., Welaka, FL

My grandmother fell when her walker slid to the side and her knee gave out. It was nearly midnight and she did not have her phone on her because it had been put away to charge. She could not get up on her own and her hip ended up being broken. She pressed her [Life Alert] button and you sent help and called us right away. You kept her calm and I even beat the ambulance to the hospital, you kept us so informed. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

J.R., Kettering, OH

I passed out – came-to on bathroom floor. Decided to call [Life Alert] because of head trauma. Life Alert called 911 for me, gave the EMTs the info they needed and Life Alert also called people on my list also. They took the stress off of me - they furnished Doctors names, meds, info, etc. to appropriate parties so I don’t have to worry with it.

C.B., Millington, TN

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