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35097 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I am no longer alone, I know [Life Alert] is at a touch of a button away. With all my heart, I thank you for coming to my reserve when I had my fall at the church. I was surprised how soon [Life Alert] came on and how professional they handled the situation. They are my angels. Bless you!

M.Y. Williamsburg, VA

We had a big dog in our yard. We have a gated backyard. I didn’t know how it got in – no one around to help me. I was afraid for my little Chihuahua. The police didn’t answer their phone. So, I had to call Life Alert. They got me help right away. My dog was saved. Thank you.

N.K. Myrtle Creek, OR

I had fluid build-up from congestive heart failure (and could not breathe) about 2:00 in the morning. I pushed the Life Alert button and someone answered immediately. Ambulance was there shortly. Life Alert also called my daughter and granddaughter to let them know. [EMTs] got to emergency room shortly after I did. Life Alert did a great job. Thank you!

M.D. Columbia, TN

Awoke with pain in my upper arm (left) which continued all day and was a new experience for me. Hesitant to call but at 93 and living alone, I pushed my [Life Alert] button in early evening. [Life Alert] called very soon and also called when they were almost here which made me willing to answer the doorbell. [EMTs] checked all usual points (all OK), asked if I would feel more secure to go to emergency. I trusted their findings, and they recommend Tylenol if the pain persisted. Pain went away by following day.

A.L. Port Orchard, WA

My mother has used Life Alert in the middle of the night. I get a call, and [Life Alert] keeps me updated. Sometimes, I need to go. Sometimes it’s a false alarm. But I have peace of mind that all is well – she is receiving care.

H.P. Pearl City, HI

A few weeks ago, I accidentally locked myself out of my house. I have an outside key hanging from a tree a short distance from my dining room window, however, I have a huge yard and it was dark and I could not find my bearings and wandered around for almost an hour. I kept pressing my Life Alert button but figured they could not hear it as the Life Alert was inside. Finally, the fire department arrived. I now have a flashlight and another key on my work table at the end of the house.

N.C. Monterey, CA

Mom misjudged her footing and fell while getting ready for bed, but had sense enough to push her [Life Alert] button for help even though we live right down the street. Life Alert was quick to notify myself and siblings. Also, they checked in on me when I arrived at mom’s house. Great job. Thanks!

P.R. Watertown, MA

My mother fell in her kitchen and cut her head and bruised her whole body. She pressed her Life Alert and the person who answered immediately got the ambulance on the scene and took her to the hospital. Her wounds were attended to and she was released the same day. We are so thankful for Life Alert.

C.A. Dixon, MO

My father-in-law fell while trying to sit down. He was unable to get back up, even though he could not hear to respond, help was sent. EMTs checked him over and he was fine. When I arrived, [Life Alert] representatives had already called to check on him. I returned the call and the [Life Alert] representative I spoke with was very helpful.

R.J. Whiting, NJ

[Life Alert] was exceptional. They kept in contact with me and the paramedics. [Life Alert’s] calls to my family were immediate. I recommend Life Alert to my neighbor before I got it myself. I recommended to my mother before. Life Alert has three customers from me.

J.Y. Elmwood Park, NJ

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