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43170 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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My mom fell in the kitchen and can’t get up by herself. This has happened many times, and as usual, she used her Life Alert. The dispatcher sent help quickly to assist her. They also called me to inform me so I could be in communication with EMS to make appropriate decisions for my mom. My mom couldn’t be left alone without Life Alert. I am so thankful for their service!

H.T., Fort Collins, CO

I am very pleased with service I had received. My family was called right away. They were kept informed. I can’t say enough good things about [Life Alert].

L.W., Philadelphia, PA

I am so thankful I had Life Alert when I had a painful fall back in August. Hearing that kind and helpful voice on the phone was a real blessing to me that afternoon.

B.T., Church Hill, TN

I was taking a shower and my hip got dislocated and I could not move or put any pressure on my right leg. I hit the button in the shower stall and Life Alert responded and help came. The service was excellent. Thank you.

S.E., Bethlehem, PA

As I shut my car door and backed up, I lost balance shutting the door. Fell flat on concrete- unable to get up. Summoned Life Alert. Person at Life Alert was so helpful saying she would stay on the phone and keep in touch while EMS arrived, which she did. I am grateful for my Life Alert as I could be dead or still laying on the garage floor. Many thanks – you’re worth it!

R.F., Stoughton, WI

I was having mild chest pains for one hour. I called [Life Alert] and the local rescue squad came. They monitored me and took me in the squad van to the local hospital. I had high blood pressure, was treated for that. The chest pains went away. The doctor said that I did the right thing by coming. My meds were changed. Life Alert was very helpful.

B.B., Medina, OH

While getting ready for bed, I took a fall. I am not able to get up at all. I pushed my [Life Alert] button and was connected right away. My EMT’s came right away but I had already locked my door. They had to literally break in and called our apartment caretaker. Between all of them it was about 30-45 minutes. Your gal stayed on the line with me the whole time. Thank you!

S.M., Lynnwood, WA

I have needed Life Alert several times for falls and other emergencies. I much liked the dispatcher, while waiting for EMS to arrive. They let me know that EMS was on their way continuously until they were at my door. Thank you for being there!!

C.E., San Pedro, CA

Life Alert remained on the phone, talking to my son and checking on my condition. When ambulance arrived, Life Alert gave my medical information to EMTs very accurately. I would not have been able to answer all the questions but Life Alert had them from the paper I completed when I joined. I have needed it a few times now. I am highly impressed with their service and very very highly recommend them.

C.B., Conroe, TX

I fell in between the couch near a window. My arm was broken and could not help myself up. The rescue came quickly and helped me up. The [Life Alert] voice was very loud and I am thankful of that because I am hard of hearing. Thank you, that was lifesaving. I was alone in the house.

J.R., Johnston, RI

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