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40393 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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She had four falls but the last two she had to go to the hospital. She was diagnosed with a UTI (bladder infection). It makes me feel better just knowing she has Life Alert. Thank you for all you do!

V.F., Pharr, TX

I fell out of the shower (slipped on surface of shower) I landed face down on the floor. My wife pushed the “help” button mounted on the shower wall and initiated our request for emergency assistance. I was pleased that an operator remained on line until help arrived and beyond. Thank you for your assistance.

D.M., Suffolk, VA

Very quick response. Knowledgeable, knowing what to do. Check vital signs right away. Did all what was needed for relief. Back and forth communication with on call box at home and in the rescue. Locating the nearest hospital quickly. Knowing all medical records and ready to act to keep the rescue going. Thanks.

M.K., Jacksonville, FL

My wife called to me in the night and said she was having trouble breathing. I called Life Alert and they responded very quickly with paramedics. They treated her so she could breathe more freely and transported her to the hospital. Everything was done very effectively and efficiently thank you very much.

D.G., Fillmore, CA

I was having an asthma attack, my inhaler wasn’t helping me, I pushed my button and within a few minutes a voice came over my unit asking if I needed help which I couldn’t respond because I was coughing, hard time breathing. He asked again and I managed to say yes I need help, he called an ambulance and all my emergency contacts. He stayed on the unit with me till help arrived. He helped me remain calm and I’m forever grateful. I would recommend Life Alert to everyone.

A.B., Spring Hill, FL

We had 2 emergencies. 1st trying to move from recliner to wheelchair, [patient] slipped down to floor. We could not lift him up (he has below knee amputation) so we had to call for help to get him up and into wheelchair. Quick response, stayed on the line, and help came. 2nd heart doctor called that it was critical we get [patient] to ER immediately. His potassium level was life threating. Life Alert again responded quickly, stayed on the line, help came, got him to ER within the hour of doctor’s call.

R.M., Carlisle, MA

My husband had a stroke and it was so helpful to have the Life Alert system. One simple push of the button and you were there. It was a comfort to have you stay on the line with me till the ambulance arrived.

F.G., Camarillo, CA

My left arm was sore all night, I was worried, I pushed my button – and within seconds, they were on the line. The ambulance was at my door before I got my coat on. My husband used a bracelet. I was always safe wherever we went on vacation, camp visits. We had Life Alert for maybe 20 or more years. When he died, I got the necklace, I would not be without Life Alert, I’m 91 and live alone but I’m not alone with Life Alert. Thank you.

O.F., Coraopolis, PA

[Mom] woke up feeling quite till and in a lot of pain. She pushed the button on her Life Alert necklace. We spoke with the person on the base monitor and ambulance was called. Spokesperson at Life Alert gave EMT’s medical info they needed regarding mom.

B.R., Mableton, GA

I fell on my way opening the garage door and before I knew it – “bang” – I was on the floor in the living room. I had just talked to my daughter (who lives next door) but did not know where and if she was home. For the first time I pressed the [Life Alert] button and less than 2 minutes I had great and helpful people around me – “A+” people. I have never received such help. Thank you all.

M.A., Largo, FL

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