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(since 7/3/2008)

41496 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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They answered right away when I pushed the Life Alert button. The operator stayed with me until help arrived, then they asked if they could be of further help, before ending the call. I am very pleased with the service, and since I live alone I don’t worry anymore about what may happen. It’s a God send!!

L.C., Lenoir, NC

While in Nevada from my home in Illinois, I experienced a cardiac episode. I had notified Life Alert before traveling, so they were aware of my address. I pushed the button on the [Life Alert] GPS locator and an operator came on the line. I gave all my information and he stayed on the line with me until the ambulance arrived, then gave the EMT my information.

D.G., Springfield, IL

I was contacted to say my father called Life Alert. I was kept informed of when he was transported. They system worked just like it was supposed to. Excellent job.

P.M., Rolling Hills, CA

I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I was unable to get up- I pushed my [Life Alert] button. Someone called out to me quickly. It is such a relief- knowing someone will be there when I need them.

J.B., Oakland, OR

I was alone when I fell on my cold stone flooring, It was below 0 evening. Thank goodness I was not alone. The moment I pushed my [Life Alert] rescue pendant, what a relief when a friendly, caring voice told me not to worry. “Help is on the way.” I felt safe and assured it was. Within minutes I was rescued. Life Alert is a blessing and comfort. Thank you!

B.A., Delavan, WI

I fell in the kitchen getting up from the table and could not get up. Life Alert answered and sent EMT’s to help. All together it was over in about ten minutes. Nothing needed except to get me up into chair. Thank you!!

W.B., Port Orange, FL

My wife fell in the family room and my daughter and I could not lift her up. We called Life Alert and within about five minutes, two EMT’s arrived, lifted her, checked her out and all was well.

R.S., Kingsport, TN

Mom fell in the tub and couldn’t get out. She hit her pendant to call Life Alert. The authorities were called as well as myself. Thankfully she was not hurt but needed assistance. She was checked out by EMS and all was ok. We got a call letter from Life Alert checking on her.

C.D., Brookfield, OH

My blood pressure went to 200 and couldn’t come down so I hit my [Life Alert] button and had help within a few seconds to get me to the hospital for help. I am greatly happy that I have this button.

H.D., Quincy, MD

I could not walk, could not eat. Life Alert dispatched the ambulance to my home in a timely manner. We are very satisfied with Life Alert.

E.W., Forest Park, OH

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